Stories My Father Told Me

Our families pass on traditions, stories and values. Knowing where you came from helps in understanding who you are, but there’s a temptation among amateur historians to glamorize their family’s past.

I’ve combined research — not just internet but also history books — with stories my father told me to try telling a compelling tale of past people in my family. Mostly this is an account for my children to have, but I hope anyone who reads here will enjoy — and maybe learn a little something too.

Posts are categorized according to dates and locations. Specific info can be found by using the search bar. Family photographs, some dating back as far as the early 1850s, have been scanned but there are so many I wll not be able to upload all of them here.

The task of figuring out who these people are has been a daunting one. Thankfully enough were identified before my great-aunt, mother, or father died. For the rest I have gone through a process of painstaking cross-referencing. If any of the captions aren’t correct, I’d appreciate whoever is reading this to email me a correction (alexnewman@rogers.com).


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